Waste and Recycling Cost Reduction Program

90% of businesses overpay for waste disposal and recycling, but the experts at Ecovantage will ensure that yours isn't one of them. Our eco-friendly cost reduction program typically results in 25% - 75% savings. Working on a performance basis, we simply share in the savings we generate for you. If we don't produce savings, there's absolutely no cost to you!

Our Experts Will:

  • Analyze Your Existing Waste and Recycling Program
    A thorough review of your current operations will including site inspections, examination of past invoices, review of agreements, and careful assessment of collected data.
  • Identify Savings Opportunities
    Applying our exhaustive analysis process, vast experience, and knowledge of the industry, we will determine the areas of improvement that will most substantially impact both economy and ecology.
  • Present Recommendations and Demonstrate Savings
    A custom-designed plan will be presented, detailing the results of our analysis, our recommendations, and your expected savings.
  • Gain Approval and Implement the Plan
    Working as your partner, we develop a plan that is aligned with your needs and goals. Once approved, we will fully implement the plan across all your locations.
  • Monitor and Manage
    To ensure optimum savings and smooth operations, we closely monitor and manage the program, assisting with service issues, correcting any errors and overcharges, maintaining low costs, and continually looking for new opportunities.
  • Report Monthly
    Your actual savings will be identified in a monthly report, which provides the details of your new waste program location by location. No projections…just pure, quantifiable savings.

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Our waste analysis is risk free…if you don't save, you don't pay!