LED Lighting Program

Convert to superior LED lighting technology and save up to 80% of current lighting costs. The program is complete from start-to-finish, including professional design, certified installation, and all maintenance labor and materials. An à la carte option is also available. The savings will cover the complete cost of the program, while residual savings, tax deductions, and rebates create additional cash-flow!

Lighting Professionals Will:

  • Analyze the Cost of Your Current Lighting
    Through site surveys, review of past electricity bills, and use of certified lighting design software, our experts will analyze and assess the cost of your current lighting system.
  • Design Equivalent or Better Lighting, With Up to 80% Less Cost
    Not only will your new lighting cost significantly less, the light quality will match or surpass that of your existing system. But as they say, seeing is believing, so to ensure your satisfaction we will implement a sample test area.
  • Provide a Financial Impact Report and Finance Options
    Once the lighting plan is finalized, we create a detailed report of your return on investment (ROI). Depending on your needs, both direct purchase and lease purchase finance options are available, making the plan truly risk-free as your ROI is guaranteed and insured by an underwriter.
  • Identify Further Cash-flow Opportunities
    We will identify which State and Federal tax incentives apply, and which manufacturer and utility rebates are available. The necessary paperwork will be provided so you may receive the maximum in available deductions and rebates based on your property locations.
  • Provide Certified Installation and Maintenance
    Installation will be performed by licensed and certified professionals. The program also includes all maintenance, labor, and materials. One call does it all!

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