Environmentally Responsible Corporate Cost Reduction

Ecovantage is both Green & a Money Maker

Our solutions pay for themselves and generate additional savings to increase positive cash flow for your business. Our cost reduction solutions require very little of your time and no capital outlay!

Our Cost Reduction Programs:

  • Drive down expenses
  • Reduce environmental impact
  • Are fully implemented
  • Require no cash out of pocket
  • Are risk free

Waste Disposal Program

Save 25-75% on Waste Disposal costs with our
eco-friendly program that includes:

  • A complete analysis of your current program
  • Recommended improvements and resulting savings
  • Monitoring and management of the new program
  • Monthly reporting

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LED Lighting Program

Save up to 80% on lighting costs with our comprehensive program that includes:

  • Conversion to energy-efficient LED lights
  • Design, installation, maintenance, warranties, and more
  • Tax deductions, and utility and manufacturer rebates
  • Guaranteed and insured savings

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